Buried pipe network study

In recent decades, there has been a proliferation of electrical systems that cause stray currents to affect buried piping networks. The most significant of these are the traction systems of electric trains, wind farms, electric power transmission and distribution systems, etc.


Integral Management of Wandering Currents: Effective Solutions by Procainsa SA

Over a period of two years, Procainsa SA carried out an exhaustive detailed study of the buried pipeline network, identifying the sections affected by stray currents. As a result of this analysis, significant corrective measures were implemented.

The project included the installation of more than 50 alternating current drainage units, as well as several drains connected to the train tracks to mitigate the effect of stray currents. In addition, new cathodic protection stations were established to ensure the integrity and safety of the pipeline network.

Procainsa SA’s dedication and experience in the management of stray currents enabled the implementation of effective solutions that optimised the operability and reliability of the underground infrastructure.