Lightning and surge arresters

Electro-Atmospheric Discharge Protection: Ensuring Safety

Strategies for Effective Protection

At Procainsa, we specialise in engineering studies for protection against electro-atmospheric discharges, complying with the highest safety standards.

Effective Protection Strategies

The most effective strategy to protect against direct lightning strikes involves capturing, diverting and dissipating lightning to earth. It is essential to define the level of risk and protection requirements for each structure or element, in strict compliance with current national, European and international regulations.

Benefits of Coverage Analysis and Lightning Protection Systems

Coverage analyses and the installation of lightning protection systems are considered by insurance companies, which helps to reduce risk premiums and ensures optimal protection against electro-atmospheric discharges.

Franklin Tips: Protection Technology

Franklin tips are based on the effect of the single pick-up tip and provide coverage similar to a 30°, 45° or 60° apical half-angle cone, depending on the protection level I, II/III and IV, respectively, according to IEC 1024.1, 1990.

Natural Ionisation Heads: Alternative Option

On the other hand, natural ionisation heads in bronze or stainless steel are based on the effect of tips, dielectric and corona ion. Their coverage is equal or superior to that of the Franklin tips and resembles a hemisphere centred on it, in accordance with NTE IPP 1973.

Stainless Steel Lightning Protection Heads: Innovative Technology

Made of stainless steel, these heads are based on the amplification effect of the atmospheric electric field by means of an internal priming device. This generates tracer pulses that allow the lightning to be captured before impacting a structure. According to NFC 17-102, CTE SU8 and UNE 21186, different coverage can be guaranteed depending on the advance times of the tracer.

Certification and Warranty

These certified and type-tested heads represent the best solutions to guarantee effective coverage and protect both people and company assets.

Faraday Cage Inspired Protection Systems: Ensuring Safety and Security

Protection systems based on the Faraday cage principle stand out as the most effective solutions to ensure safety against electric shock. The grid spacing of the meshes will determine the desired or established level of protection. To ensure minimum electrical resistance, the use of conductors with a cross-section equal to or greater than 50 mm² in copper or other equivalent materials is recommended.

Products for Safe and Efficient Installations

Our offer includes a wide range of products designed to ensure safety and efficiency in facilities. These products include conductor-to-wall fixing elements, cable connectors, lightning rod masts and spikes, mast clamps, adapters for headers and conductors, as well as high-quality sealing materials, durable fixing bolts and special supports. With these products, we guarantee a solid and reliable installation in any project.

Protection Against Transient Overvoltages

The direct impact of lightning or through the grounding systems of an installation can generate transient overvoltages that represent a risk for the equipment connected to the low-voltage electrical network, as well as for the network itself.

The industry has developed a wide variety of highly reliable filters designed specifically for low voltage networks, electrical equipment and signal transmission systems, such as televisions, radios, modems, telephony and computer data, among others.

At Procainsa, we specialize in studying protection needs in accordance with IEC 31643-11 regulations, designing stepped filter installations to meet your specific requirements. Our technical team is also responsible for installing the necessary equipment to provide effective protection against transient surges.

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